BELIEVE – Kathak and Bharat Natyam – India 2008

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A collaboration of Kathak and Bharat Natyam by Brinda Guha and Ariana Dasgupta, respectively, in “Maitree Bandhan” show in Kolkata, India 2009. Music by Ozom…


MrOneBuz says:


MsKidgie says:

This is gorgeous! Just GORGEOUS!

Vera Vieira says:

HI, It is gorgeous! What does the lyrics mean?

ppv75 says:

incredible choreography!!!!!!!!! we tried doing this at an event in Canada, although not half as excellent, it was a fantastic experience tryin to learn it!!

Vishwa Protim Banerjee says:

thankx for uploading this..I’ve seen many bharatnatyam and kathak performances but this was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lovebirdx110 says:

Brinda looks an dreadful lot like Mila Kunis from this distance

BahamaUncleLee says:

Both brilliant dancers!!! And the music doesn’t place either one at an advantage over the other.

Brinda Guha says:

— thanks so much!

Brinda Guha says:

— fantastic thought! thanks!

Brinda Guha says:

— Haha! Thanks LaJuera25!

Brinda Guha says:

— thank you! song is by ozomatli, called “believe” off their STREET SIGNS album

Brinda Guha says:

— thanks so much for the like!

ritaalovesmac says:

Brinda im also a kathak dancer and you are AMAZING! your footwork is so perfect. im blown away

MartaEzis says:

Thanks for this video! the steps suit the music and the differences between kathak and bharatnatyam are clearest here! I use it when I want to clarify what I dance to people who know just bharatnatyam.

LaJuera25 says:

thats the coolest shit ive ever seen! how original!

indian12american says:

cool! my friends an i were plotting to something like this!

XanderKnight26 says:

Unquestionably gorgeous. I like Ozomatli’s “Believe”, and this is the FIRST time that I have seen authentic dancing set to it’s music……wonderful! 5 stars!

Adam G says:

What’s the song and who’s it by???

Adam G says:

So this is like really cool =] Ur both awesome dancers! Loved the whole mix of modern music with ancient tradition! Keep up the excellent work!

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