01 Shobana Aigiri Nandini MahishAsura mardhini bharathanAtyam @ CHENNAYIL THIRUVAYARU

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goldensalangai says:

I wish this nice performance was listed among the dance DVDs on NatyaDisc*com

Haridev S V says:

Like it Like it Like it
She has mixed so much of devotion in this piece rather than the valor of the Goddess. Like ir

AnnaC944 says:

Like it :)

Shiva Tala says:

This dance force seem very different to a lot of you but I somehow I feel that she has brought herself out entirely, the entire Shobana, all of her colors to the the boards and is not worried to do so. It is as if she is making the dance up on the spot, and I bet you she improvised most of it on the boards…now THAT is a REAL artist!

Periyachi Roshini says:


Mahesh Ravi Shankar Krishnamoorthy says:

nice programme

aditi wadgaonkar says:

very nice

anglinthemtns says:

very nice performance.

Shanmuga Priya says:

gret video.. thanx

bhargavi naidu says:

wow…..really she z inspiration of everything ….i lv shobana

Smitha anil radhakrishnan says:

very excellent

Yashu G says:

very nice…

Aneesha Paul says:

she is wonderful actress , dancer …. i agree..but n0w days whn i see her performances on youtube, i am being paid bored of this in succession and acting kind of dancing.. i really want to see her gorgeous DANCE!!!

bary2441992 says:

her bindi is not in place but she doesnt care coz she is a performer n she focuses on her performance,too terrible viswanath ji didnt do a movie with her,

bary2441992 says:

shobana is such a awesome dancer

Bun Neh says:

err.. you have to place it behind youtubedotcom -_-

Monster Muppet says:

full take up pls…cant seem to find the video

Monster Muppet says:

lol… lovely song but she is not like how she used to be :)

Bun Neh says:


Real BN of Aigiri Nandini

You dont have to thank me

Bun Neh says:

looks like she is having a stroke with her eye twitching and all…>.<

Bun Neh says:

are you saying this since you really believe it or since she is a well-known actress?

Pavan Kumar says:

hello always having same kind of style doesn’t suites must need different ways of compositions and have to make experimentation on it…. but she dint use the modern way of bharatanaya it is same as the ancient style … the song is devi stuti it doesn’t reqiure chollkattu and all..
but its awesome very remarkable

prema chintadi says:

Ms Shobana, i like you very much ,,where is your classical part of this dance………you got so much of it ..where is it??

athira830 says:

gorgeous performance by shobhana chechi…..

Jaga Esywara says:

unrefined expressions…and this is not bharatha natyam by the way

Bun Neh says:

so…. where is the Bharat Natyam part?..

Kalavathy Rengasamy says:

wonderful expressions!

ajayakumar manikkoth says:

awesome dancer she is……….

rejeeshify says:

very dedicated dancer

rejeeshify says:

fantastic composing , even each step is very nice , expressions are so appreciating , feel the presence of devi , i cant express in words , wonderful…………………..

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