Bharatanatyam interview-Nikolina Nikoleski

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Croatian Bharatanatyam dancer Nikolina Nikoleski in an interview for NOVA TV, IN Magazine show 20.July 2010. Zagreb, Croatia


raminfinity says:

LOL, she is a classy artist. Bollywood is a place of slutty whores. Bollywood is no place for her at all.

Nonsuch Poet says:

I hope I can afford to go to Delhi to take classes from her. She is so talented and I admire her very much.

Jayakumari6 says:

: She is Croatian

MsHellofun says:

what’s her origin, where is she from

MsHellofun says:

 i wish the same

MsHellofun says:

she is so gorgeous, i reckon she should come to bollywood , she is better than many heroines, so lively

BlackLily888 says:


kalai45 says:

she looks so indian……..her janma vaasanaa…god bless you lady

Siddharth Jain says:

this is fantastic. Nikolina is a very warm person and super skilled.

i am very pleased to see this



Angeli Alvares says:

Croatian women are so gorgeous!. As for Nikolina, I’m her fan forever! She’s a
top classical dancer who’s a delight to mind in performance!

MallikarjunRao Kanchi says:

Please turn

Shravan K Manyam says:

Gorgeous. I wish someone turn what she is saying….

Thanks for sharing.

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