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s27945 says:

甄 甄 甄

sandy jackson says:

Please mind my new dance video with the incredible singer tritha!I Go on my channel

Vanessa Brückner says:


globalcitizenn says:

WTF this is not Bollywood.. This is a Low financial statement regional Bhojpuri film which are like B-grade movies.. and the girl in white is Urvashi Dholakia, the vocalist who sang this is not well-known.

Nick Werle says:


SupaKoopa1 says:

I still can’t imagine Saints Row doing this lol

Peter Saunders says:


Girard Nicolas says:

yeah I really like it

The Hetrosexual Gamer says:

He’s not a fan of rape. Why would you look down upon a man who doesn’t like rape?

wagsouza says:


leo84881 says:

Whats the name of this song?

Alejandro H.C. says:

no mamen dura un verguero estos videos

bhzona says:


Lyka Midik says:

Is what you said supposed to mean something to me? Why did you preside over that crazy bullshit at me?

Dean Andrews says:

For those who don’t know: the female performer in the White dress, is Alka Yagnik. She is very excellent. Look up Chamma Chamma.

mkibbons says:

is this an indian porno

mocteist says:


Lyka Midik says:

Indio( or Indian) is a term for anyone native to the Americas. It is a name given to the native people by their invaders/conquerors. Each of these groups you so insensitively call Indios have their own chosen name, a proper name. In the USA we have abandoned the racist term Indian in favor of Native American, or their specific group name.

Possibly you should follow suit, I disbelief the native southern Americans appreciate being named Indios by their conquerors.

Lyka Midik says:

Thank you for another *unsolicited* and *hypocritical* answer. I’m glad you assume so much about my education and upbringing. It shows how ignorant & unintelligent you are, as your original note and this answer are an example of you doing exactly what you say other people shouldn’t do. By the way, you’re the idiot, english is a much harder language to learn than portuguese, don’t know that’s relevant though.

I’m pleased to learn this will be my last correspondence to such a dim witted person.

Marta Martins says:

Enough said – rude and sad. You must be a very mad, small small person with no like in your life and a huge chip on your shoulder if you feel you must alternative to this to get your point across. I feel wretched for you.
And THIS will be the end of our conversation. Permanently.

Marta Martins says:

Well, you certainly show the education your parents gave you! I can imagine the kind of background you grew up in. Sad.
Just goes to show one REALLY should not engage in any kind of exchange with trashy people who have no other way of putting their views across but to offend. You must be a lovely human being, And YES, ‘idiot’, they are called Indians in Brazil. Índios, really. Yes, I AM PORTUGUESE and very proud of a language that takes more than 1 month to learn. Sad pathetic human being.

14omega28ok says:

It’s thundering and lightning where I live.

That’s cool

Lyka Midik says:

P.S. — Don’t offend people stating that this or that language is hideous — it’s gratuitous and just makes you come across as ignorant and provocative….. and it’s all an opinion, anyway!

..l.. <—Middle Finger

Lyka Midik says:

It’s called giving him a go of his own medicine while also pointing out his hypocrisy. At that point in our conversation I was fed up with his shit and didn’t about being offensive since he obviously didn’t.

Also I said “Brazilians abandoned their heritage in favor of that of your conquerors. You just took it, loved each minute of it, & questioned for more.” Meaning the native brazilians(not Indians WTF are they from India dummy?), took the dick from their conquerors & questioned for more.

Lyka Midik says:

DolanBrazil said it earlier in this conversation, not this guy. It’s an ongoing conversation of answers. His note would make much more sense to you if you hadn’t just jumped into the middle of this conversation without any frame of reference about things said earlier.

Don’t jump into the middle of conversations You Stupid Motherfucker!

Marta Brito Martins says:

How can you, in one fellswoop, try to defend one nation and be OK with offending another?? Brazilians, as you say, were conquered — the ones that you say ‘loved it’ were placed in the land in stead of the natives, the Indians. Besides, how can you judge attitudes from centuries ago? How idiotic.
P.S. — Don’t offend people stating that this or that language is hideous — it’s gratuitous and just makes you come across as ignorant and provocative….. and it’s all an opinion, anyway!

CrayKBay says:

Hello dear friend. Just in case you couldnt scroll down enough to see what else the other person posted, I have taken the liberty to copy and paste it below. Any other rebuttals, I’d be glad to disprove. Have a lovely day.

KohnPIZZAjohnnykocks 3 months ago
fucking white wannabe dogs

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