Shahrzad, Balliceaux RVA, Bellydance Brunch Cabaret

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fadymooneer says:

ذات مرة اراد رجل ان يتحدى امرأة فكان النتيجة انها اهلكته بأنوثتها وبهدلته وعذبته

Khaleq Arkani says:

I’m waiting for one bestfriend and right friendship in my life.

reema reem says:


smohed sh says:

تبريتي والا ما تبريتي من درى عنك اصلا

Sarfaraz Ahmed says:

Best dancer and gorgeous girl

Sharma A says:

best dancer of world…..

bhupender soni says:

very gorgeous girl and very nice dance

sharma a.kumar says:

really superb dancing by shahrjaz

nascarmanful says:

u have a liquid belly, brilliant control. fluid isolations, it’s a work of art

David Prichard says:

you are hot

sefa bostan says:


Mamtahorilalgupta Gupta says:


Zohreh Ajir says:

vayyyyyy che raghziiiiiiiii

Dinesh Yadav says:

awesome dance, she is the best dancer, gorgeous lady. i like this

soso100236 says:

كرشه سابق جسمه بمترين ….. ياناس ارتقو الشوي ترى العالم تضحك ع ذا الرقص. اقول بس انا متبريه منكم لانكم صاراحه تجيبون الفشششله يييييع ام القرف

Eunice prado Felicidade says:

hummmm quero aprender dançar asim

Eunice prado Felicidade says:

muito lindo

rafa azzam says:

i lo ve you full for all danc

Hafizur Rahman says:

best belly dance i had ever seen in my life.

dino love says:

It’s not a song, but this rhythm on the traditional drum machine

bellydancerinanna says:

This song is called tablo Baseem on the album belly dance with amany.

Anjesh Kumar says:


will harf says:


shezad khan says:

when i sow this dance video 100 time i thort im look first time im never boor this dance video its dun so wel

shezad khan says:

hi shahrzad my name shezad khan live in india in dehli im first time look bely dance & you amezing dancer you r one of them best dancer  you presant beuty of dance i like your dance

BagoasDances says:

*fanboi squea* I effing be crazy about this…

Zhevah Yoes says:

what song is this please?

غازي الشيباني says:


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