Nina Davuluri DANCE VIDEO: Miss America 2014 wows with Bollywood dance performance [FULL HQ]

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ashwaria555 says:

Live you Nina…

kris59965 says:

We indians could beat you jews and whites with our pubic hair. Fuck u u mother fuckin racist scum

FirstfromtheRiver says:

She’s so hideous. Why did the Jews let her win? Any of the White American contestants could beat her with bed hair.

rafael corvinus says:

Awesome USA USA!!!

Randi Novak says:

Her incredible dance fills me with so much positive energy that I can’t stop smiling. Bravo!

Sowmya520 says:

like it!

María C says:

it looks like a Brazilian dance at times, looks fun

Allen Truong says:


rebelcake says:


enchilada01 says:

Super hot chick!

iyanla09 says:

Shes so pretty!

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